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2018 Kids Stick Horse Race

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Check out some great videos posted on the web of the Annual Lakeside Rodeo Kids Stick Horse Race!

What is a Stick Horse Race?

Lakeside Rodeo fans might love the bull riding during the Annual Rodeo but it gets some stiff competition from another race in the arena and the adorable riders are 4 - 6 years of age. It's a fun and FREE Rodeo event for kids to participate in.

It's known as the
Lakeside Rodeo Kids Stick Horse Race and it was founded at the Lakeside Rodeo over 16+ years ago. It's just like a mini kids barrel race and it happens at all the performances at the rodeo!

While a lot of rodeos have their 3 - 4 mutton busters (that's when little tykes put on helmets and ride a sheep out of the bull chutes). Lakeside Rodeo's Stick Horse Race allows more kids to take part in this amazing arena sport at one time. Sometimes there are 30-35 kids in the arena at one time! And as most of the racers come dressed in their best western attire, it's a fantastic photo opportunity!

Every stick horse racer is a Winner

Rodeo clown and bull fighter Kevin Higley instructs the kids to race down the arena towards the line up of lovely Rodeo Royalty and then head back to the starting line. It's organized chaos (that ) ensues when they "gallop" on their trusty stick horses toward the other end of the arena, do a turn, and then they are intent on being first back to the starting line. Every Stick Horse Racer is a "winner" as each participant receives a goodie bag at the finish.

How does my child get to be a Stick Horse Racer?

If a child is attending the rodeo, if he or she is within the age range, a Voucher can be picked up at the Information Booth as you enter the Rodeo grounds. The number of vouchers available at each performance is limited so get to the Rodeo early to claim your voucher!

I have two (or more) kids between 4 and 6 years old.
Can they both (all) participate?

Yes! Just make sure you get the required vouchers after the gates open before each performance as there are limited number of vouchers.

My Child wants to bring her/his own stick horse to race with. Do I still need a Voucher for him/her?

Yes! There is a limit to the number of racers in the arena during each performance, so make sure you get that Voucher at the Information Booth.

When does the information Booth start handing out the Vouchers?

The Main rodeo admission gates open 1 and 1/2 hours before each schedule performance. The Vouchers will be available once the Main gates are open, right inside at the Information Booth.
Please note that the WEST Rodeo Gate WILL NOT have any vouchers available.

Can I reserve a Stick Horse Race Voucher before the Rodeo?


Can I take pictures in the Arena of my child in the stick horse race?

Parents will not be permitted on arena floor (subject to change).
Often the approved photographers will be shooting the events in the arena so you may check this site in the weeks following the Rodeo for photos in our gallery. Please also check back here and on our Facebook page, Lakeside Rodeo - Lakeside CA for photo gallery updates of the Stick Horse Race.

Can my company sponsor the Stick Horse Race?

Yes... please contact the Rodeo Chairman at 619-561-4331 and request a call back regarding the sponsorship. The value and benefit of the sponsorship will be discussed with you at that time.

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