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Vendor Information


Vendors at the Annual Lakeside Rodeo are a great addition to a fun filled three day event that features 4 performances and can accommodate 20,000 spectators.
We appreciate your interest in being a vendor at our annual Lakeside Rodeo.

Although there are just a few openings each year for new vendors, if you are interested in joining us, please contact the Lakeside Rodeo Vendor Chairperson through email lakesiderodeovendorlady@gmail.com or by completing the Vendor Interest form below.


Vendor Inquiry ONLY Form - Lakeside Rodeo

If you are interested in being considered as a vendor for the 2018 Lakeside Rodeo:

    We do not accept Food Vendors. Do not use this form to contact the Bulls Only Rodeo Vendor Chairman.

  1. Please complete the Vendor Inquiry ONLY Form below.
  2. Your Inquiry Form submission will be acknowledged and the Vendor Chairman will contact you regarding the availability of a space at an Annual Lakeside Rodeo
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You are responsible for providing your Booth design, equipment, displays, products, tenting, structure, tables, chairs, ground cover, electrical pig tail, and other items you need for your product or services.

As the Rodeo facility is based on dirt, please be advised that there will be passage of a water truck throughout the day to apply water and attempt to keep the dust down. The Lakeside Rodeo will not be responsible for water getting on your products, tent or displays.


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