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Trademark Notices

The following is a United States trademark used and/or owned by El Capitan Stadium Association (ECSA) and Lakeside Rodeo:
Lakeside Rodeoâ„¢

The use of these marks of Lakeside Rodeo without the expressed written consent of ECSA/Lakeside Rodeo is prohibited. Not all of the marks used by ECSA/Lakeside Rodeo are listed. Additionally, ECSA/Lakeside Rodeo may have (1) common law rights in marks that it has listed above as registered marks and/or (2) multiple federal trademark registrations for marks listed above as registered marks. Failure of a mark to appear above is not intended to mean, and shall not be construed to mean, that ECSA/Lakeside Rodeo does not use such mark, that ECSA/Lakeside Rodeo has abandoned such mark, that ECSA/Lakeside Rodeo does not own such mark, or that ECSA/Lakeside Rodeo will not protect and enforce its rights in such mark.
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Notice of Trademark of Lakeside Rodeo

Date: Jan 24, 2018
The El Capitan Stadium Association (Lakeside Rodeo) is a Non-Profit 501 c 3.
Working Together to Benefit the Youth of Lakeside.
12584 Mapleview St., Lakeside, CA 92040     619-561-4331
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