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Kids Stick Horse Race Sponsored by Grocery Outlet - Lakeside

Special Thanks to 7/11 on Riverford Road, Lakeside, and to Boot Barn for their contributions to the Stick Horse Race Goody Bags!

How Do I Register My Child to Stick Horse Race?

  1. There is no pre-registration allowed.
  2. Entries are limited at every performance.
  3. Every racer must be registered and will receive a voucher.
  4. Racers must be between the age of 4 and 7 years old.
  5. Registration is accepted at the Rodeo Information Booth starting when the Rodeo seating gates open, 1 1/2 hour before each scheduled. performance. For example: if the rodeo starts at 7:30 pm, the gates to arena seating and vendor area opens at 6:00 pm.
  6. The optimum time to get a registered back number and stick horse voucher is when the gates open.
  7. Once registered, kids get back numbers and then turn in the voucher to get a stick horse.
  8. The announcer will call "Stick Horse Racers go down to the ambulance area". (That's to the right of Section A)
  9. All racers must be ready to participate when the gate swings open.
  10. If your child feels shy and decides to not participate, that's OK!
  11. Parents are not allowed inside the arena.
    • There are numerous supervising adults in the arena with the kids.
  12. When the race is over, the kids will exit the arena back to the ambulance area and be given a prize bag, as they turn in their horses

Can my child bring his/her own horse (ride)? Yes. But your child must still be registered and have a back number to participate.

Can I go inside the arena and take photos? No... Taking photos of this event is best done from outside the arena, from sections A thru D... there are several authorized photographers (wearing badges) at the rodeo and in the arena with the children, You can point your child out to a photographer and ask for some fun photos!

My child has a disability and cannot run. Can I carry him/her in the event? Yes... but your child must be registered and have a back number to participate. Please be advised that wheelchairs will not be able to traverse the arena floor due to the extra depth of the dirt which is required for the rodeo contestant and rodeo stock stars to compete safely.

Can my child dress up for the race?
Sure... it's casual but often kids come in their best cowboy/cowgirl duds!!

Who do I contact if I have more questions about the kids stick horse race? You can email or call (619) 561-4331.

Kids Stick Horse Race History

Photo by Andrea Kaus

Lakeside Rodeo is proud of the title of founder of the Kids Stick Horse Race in 2001 and 22 years later it is an event that is included in rodeos throughout the United States.

We do not have Mutton Busting!

Mutton Bustin' was the traditional kids event at rodeos but it was limited to 3-4 riders on average per performance. The Lakeside Rodeo volunteers decided that they would create an event in which dozens of kids could participate and be just like the cowboy and cowgirl contestants inside the arena. One of the volunteer members approached her boss Ken Meany, the founder of Boot Barn, and requested to buy 60 stick horses. Mr. Meany agreed, became a sponsor and soon the cases of wild steeds arrived at the Rodeo Arena, ready to run!

Every child is a winner so gift bags with items sponsored by 7/11 Lakeside, and other generous companies are handed to each child as they exit. Over the years the event has evolved in small ways, such as the generous donation of rodeo contestant back numbers by Justin Boots, and kids bringing their own stick animals to race while dressed in their western best.

The true spirit of the original race lives on every year when the announcer makes the call for the registered riders to meet for their race! Registered contestants eagerly line up at the gate to be a real rodeo contestant and to race in front of their hometown fans!
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