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Lakeside Rodeo Grounds and Facility

12584 Mapleview St. (does not receive mail at this address)
Lakeside, CA
1(619) 561-4331

Mailing Address:

El Capitan Stadium Association
Lakeside Rodeo
P.O. Box 602
Lakeside, CA 92040

Email Address:

Although Lakeside Rodeo (owned by the non profit El Capitan Stadium Association 501 c 3) appreciates any questions or comments, the Lakeside Rodeo cannot guarantee that it will respond to all questions or comments. To contact a member of the Lakeside Rodeo (El Capitan Stadium Association), please consider emailing or copy an email address below and paste/send through your email provider.

In the event that you need to speak to someone regarding rental or use of the facility, you may also call 619-561-4331, Mon - Fri, 10 AM - 4 PM. If prompted, please leave a Voice Message with your name, date of your call, your complete contact information and please mention the reason for your call.

Email Addresses ( They are not active links) ( Rentals/events)

Email Address - Rodeo Royalty Coordinator

Email Address - Webmaster


The El Capitan Stadium Association (Lakeside Rodeo) is a Non-Profit 501 c 3.
Working Together to Benefit the Youth of Lakeside.
12584 Mapleview St., Lakeside, CA 92040     619-561-4331
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