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Facilities And Event Rental

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Whether you want to rent a reception hall, a meeting hall, an arena facility or an entire event facility for a day or a week, the Lakeside Rodeo Grounds are the perfect location in San Diego County to host an affordable, memorable and convenient event.

The Facility Main Building Features

  • Indoor seating for 275 people
  • Includes tables and chairs
  • Restrooms included
  • Attached full service kitchen available, at an additional fee
  • Covered patio-dance area
  • Air conditioned and heated facility
  • On-site Ice machines
  • PA system
  • Convenient onsite parking

Affordable Outdoor and Arena Event Facility

  • Rodeo Grounds (260' x 130' arena) w/bleachers
    • Seating for over 5000 people and includes handicap seating areas
  • Arena and stands lighted for night-time events
  • Parking facility included w/handicap parking
  • Sound System available (Addtl. cost)
  • (4) Concession Stand(s) available (Addtl. cost)
  • 3 Gated entries
  • Easy access for tour buses and support vehicles
  • Multiple Restroom Facilities (Included)
  • Ticket Booth (2) available w/telephone lines (Addtl. cost)

Event Planning

Our qualified and trained personnel will be happy to assist you in planning the best AFFORDABLE rental package to suit your event.

  • Rental prices vary by facility item/area usage
  • Restrooms are included with all rentals
  • Telephones, electricity and trash removal may be subject to separate charges at the current rates, if applicable
  • All rentals are subject to cleaning and security deposits as separate charges
  • Some events may require separate or additional insurance, permits and licensing that is not included in rental pricing
  • Please note that prices are subject to change without notice

Lakeside Rodeo Grounds - Perfect for Concerts!

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