Lakeside Rodeo Talent and The 7 Events of Rodeo
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Lakeside Rodeo Talent and The 7 Events of Rodeo

Photo: Bob Ryan
Photo: Bob Ryan
Photo: Bob Ryan
Photo: Bob Ryan

Welcome Reed Flake, 2021 Lakeside Rodeo Announcer

PRCA Announcer Reed Flake Joins the 2021 Lakeside Rodeo

Annual Rodeo Talent Line Up

2021 PRCA Anouncer: Reed Flake
2021 Rodeo Clown & Barrelman: Kevin Higley is not available for the 2021 Lakeside Rodeo. The Featured Clown will be announced soon!
Stock Contractor: Western Rodeo Company
Pre-performance Entertainer: Danny "Buffalo Chip" Alvernaz
PRCA Photographer(s): Gene Hyder, Andrea Kaus, Fernando Sam-Sin
PRCA Judges: TBA
PRCA Bull Fighters - RDO Sponsor: TBA

Western Rodeo Company, Stock Contractor

Western Rodeo Company, led by Mr. Ted Groene, will once again be the featured stock contractor for the 2020 Lakeside Rodeo.
Outstanding stock, professional crews and a dedication to the sport of rodeo is what sets Western Rodeo Company above the rest!

Ted Groene

Ted Groene was born in 1961 and raised near Clayton, Calif., which is located northeast of the Bay Area. That area of the state all the way down the Central Coast is known for cattle and ranching. According to Groene, the area has a large cowboy population.

And Groene is definitely a cowboy. He grew up around horses all his life, was involved in 4H and as a freshman in high school, he got involved with the rodeo team, where he immediately took to bullfighting.

In fact, he fought bulls from 1979 to 1994. His bullfighting career ended as the PBR was just beginning, so he mainly fought at PRCA events throughout his career.

In 1993, he was 32 years old when he had a bull hook him in the face. He ruptured his right eye and crushed the eye socket. And while that injury put an end to his bullfighting career, he had already long since been involved on the production side of the sport. He had been working nearly fulltime for Western Rodeo during the week and working with Robinson - as far back as the mid-80s - when he wasn't fighting bulls.

Ted Groene said, "... I think being around the livestock, handling the livestock, being with it and working it made me a better bullfighter because you could get to reading the livestock better. You could read livestock and a lot of guys can't really do that.

"If you can read livestock, it puts you in a better position."

Western Rodeo will definitely be bringing top quality stock to the 2018 Lakeside Rodeo, producing an fast paced, professional event for each of the 4 performances.

2021 Rodeo Clown - To Be Announced

Don Jesser Announces Retirement At The End of 2020

Don Jesser, Retires As PRCA Rodeo Announcer

Don Jesser, Retires As PRCA Rodeo Announcer

Don Jesser, PRCA Rodeo Announcer, has announced his retirement from arena rodeo coverage as of 2021. Don's easy engagement of the crowds always kept the excitement at top pitch. His Sound Person, Anita Jesser, will also be greatly missed as she provided excellent music selections to add to the professionalism of the rodeo performance. Happy Trails to Don and Anita... we love you guys and will miss you! 

Daily Performance Schedule_The Slip Sheet

The daily schedule of rodeo arena events and assigned riders per performance is not available until the day of the actual performance.

That schedule is called a "Slip Sheet". You will receive a free performance Slip Sheet at the gates when you enter the rodeo arena for seating.

The Slip Sheet is not produced prior to the day of the performance because contestants can cancel their entry up to the day of competition. Cancellation of participation by a competitor is called a "turn out".

Each of the performances will feature the full 7 events of rodeo (see below).

The contestants per each event in a performance are different as contestants traditionally ride and then leave to travel to another rodeo, trying to fit in as many rides in a weekend that they can to make money and qualify for the annual National Finals Rodeo.

The stock, the animal athletes, are traditionally fresh for each performance.

Interested in being a sponsor of the Slip Sheet? Call (619) 561-4331 and ask for a Lakeside Rodeo sponsor rep to return your call.

The 7 Events of Lakeside's Professional Rodeo

  1. Bareback
  2. Steer Wrestling
  3. Team Roping
  4. Saddle Bronc
  5. Tie-Down Roping
  6. Barrel Racing
  7. Bull Riding
The seven events can be broken down into two categories; the roughstock or judged events are bareback, saddle bronc, and bull riding.
The timed events are steer wrestling, barrel racing, tie-down and team roping.

Scoring of Roughstock Events

Scoring for the roughstock events is the same for bareback, saddle bronc and bull riding, although different criteria exist for judging the animals in each of these events. All cowboys competing in the roughstock events must use only one hand to ride and if the rider touches himself or the animal with the rider's free hand the judges will call a disqualification and the rider gets a "no score".

To receive a score, a cowboy must make a qualified 8 second ride. Once the buzzer sounds and there is no disqualification, the ride receives a score given by 2 official Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association judges. Scores are given to both the competitor and the animal. Each judge scores 1-25 points for the cowboy and 1-25 points for the animal, with a maximum score being 100 points or a perfect ride.

Scoring of Timed Events

Timed events of steer wrestling, barrel racing, tie-down and team roping use stopwatches and timing devices to track the times for each event, and the lowest time wins. All the timed events, except barrel racing use a barrier, which is strung across the roping chutes that the horse and rider exit from at the start of their competition. This makes the event more challenging as the barrier prevents the competitor from getting too much of a head start on the livestock. "Breaking the barrier" too soon results in a time penalty in each event except in barrel racing.

Barrel racers enter the arena at a fast speed past a timing device. The ultimate goal of a successful barrel racing run is to negotiate the cloverleaf pattern in the fastest time without knocking over any of the three strategically placed barrels. A tipped barrel adds five seconds to the rider's final time, and any deviation from the cloverleaf pattern results in a no score.

Rodeo Photo Gallery

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