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NO Photography Policy

No Photography Policy

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), the sanctioning body of the Lakeside Rodeo, directs, control and limits photography at the annual Lakeside Rodeo.
Only PRCA Approved photographers are allowed on the arena floor or in the bull chute area.

Photography by General Public is Not Allowed by The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association at the Annual Lakeside Rodeo

At no time will the general public be allowed to bring into the Lakeside Rodeo grounds cameras with detachable lens, video cameras, iPad, Go Pros, or Selfie Sticks. If a patron is sighted in possession of a camera with detachable lens, a point and shoot camera, video camera, iPad, Go Pro, Drone of Selfie Stick, the patron will be instructed to remove the equipment from the rodeo grounds as it is in violation of the posted photography policy.

There is no restriction on the usage of android or smart phones within the viewer stands. Please note that all videos uploaded that are tagged "Lakeside Rodeo" are consistently monitored and may be subject to cease, desist and restricted order as "Lakeside Rodeo" is a trademark name.

Drone Photography
Lakeside Rodeo Arena lies within 4 Nautical miles of Gillespie Air Field. It is a federal offense to operate unmanned aerial vehicles within the confines of a Class D surface area without prior coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration.

ECSA/Lakeside Rodeo Lifestyle Photographers
The ECSA/Lakeside Rodeo is permitted to have a limited number of pre-approved photographers at the event to capture lifestyle photos and/or rodeo action shot from OUTSIDE the arena rails for the use of the Association in marketing and promotion.

Volunteer Photography Coordinator:
Please note that as March 9, 2023, all outside the arena approved lifestyle photographer slots are filled.

Approved Photographers at The Lakeside Rodeo

Gene Hyder Professional Rodeo Cowboys Assoc. Photographer

Gene Hyder Professional Rodeo Cowboys Assoc. Photographer

Approved award winning PRCA Photographer Gene Hyder returns to the Lakeside Rodeo to capture the incredible rodeo action. Click on the photo to be directed to his website. 
Andrea Kaus _ Professional Rodeo Cowboy Assoc. Photography Access

Andrea Kaus _ Professional Rodeo Cowboy Assoc. Photography Access

Andrea Kaus of Riverside, CA is a PRCA Photographer intern with a solid history of rodeo and lifestyle action photography.

Andrea shares:
Contact information: or 951-212-1978

"I first picked up an SLR camera as a kid under the instruction of my physicist father. Those early lessons are mostly forgotten, apart from his introductory sentence that light is made up photons and waves and a foreboding feeling that it gets a lot more complicated after that. However, the sense of sheer fun in catching tick-marks in time never went away. While undertaking fieldwork for a doctoral degree in anthropology, I used photos as a way to connect with ranching families in northern Mexico. They taught me that a photograph is not taken but instead a random moment captured as one might catch a wild horse. As a result, the thrill of photography for me remains the thrill of a hunt for a universally recognizable moment."
BOB Ryan _ RDRyan Photography of San Diego ECSA/Lakeside Rodeo Photographer

BOB Ryan _ RDRyan Photography of San Diego ECSA/Lakeside Rodeo Photographer

Bob Ryan, a native San Diegan, is a self-taught film and professional digital photographer. Bob enjoys taking photographs of everything from nature, wildlife, landscapes, and various sporting events.

His motto is, “Bringing the World to you, one photograph at a time.”
Click on his photo to be redirected to his website:

Rob Riingen - Professional Photographer_ECSA/Lakeside Rodeo Photographer

Rob Riingen - Professional Photographer_ECSA/Lakeside Rodeo Photographer

Rob is a photojournalist & professional photographer, specializing in family, event, and sports photography in San Diego's East County. With an emphasis on capturing his subjects' unique personality and surroundings, Rob uses his creative knowledge and experience to create dynamic images with impact. 
Torrie Ann Needham - Photographer and Leather Artist_ECSA/Lakeside Rodeo Photographer

Torrie Ann Needham - Photographer and Leather Artist_ECSA/Lakeside Rodeo Photographer

Torrie Ann Needham is a photographer who currently shoots for Jockey World and can most often been seen at race tracks in America photographing the stunning world of horse racing.... A resident of San Diego County, Torrie Ann also shoots dog herding competitions, local equine events and is one of the County's most talented leather artist. You can also check out her incredible photography at
Click on the photo to link to her online gallery.
Geri Grace Goodale - Reminsce With Us Photography_Rodeo Royalty Photographer

Geri Grace Goodale - Reminsce With Us Photography_Rodeo Royalty Photographer

Geri is a proud Lakeside, CA (San Diego County) native, who graduated from El Capitan High School next to the Lakeside Rodeo Grounds, before earning her degree in art from SDSU. While attending college, she worked at a local photography studio, and then another, before eventually opening up her own studio, Reminisce, over 10 years ago. Reminisce is a photography business that actively gives back to the community, and where clients seem to always grow into friends. It is her honor to take the portraits of the absolutely amazing Miss Rodeo Lakeside contestants and winners. When she is not “shooting people,” she enjoys traveling and watching silly movies with her family. A truly genuine person, Geri is a hugger, but can control herself! Geri joyfully creates incredibly beautiful memories of your special moment and event. 

Gene Hyder Photography

Interviews and Insights With Our Photographers

Andrea Kaus Photography

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Where you live: I live in Riverside, CA

Did you always do photography, or do you have another career background?

I have photographed since I was a kid, but not as a career. I have an academic background in both the natural and social sciences and, before retiring this year, held a senior staff position at a University of California research institute. I started photographing professionally in 2004 as a side-business on weekends.

What compelled you into, and why you are engaged in, photography?

My initial interest was documentary, trying to record what I saw for future reference, but photography is addictive. Now I like everything about photography itself, from the click of the shutter to seeing what images are caught. The long-term documentary aspects remain fascinating, but so does the creativity and the art of visual storytelling.

How many hours a week do you spend shooting?

The amount of time I spend with a camera in hand varies, depending on whether I have an event to shoot or not. I do photograph or process photos daily though and maintain a daily photo gallery on my website.

What do you like to shoot most?

Equine photography is what I enjoy the most. Horses were a part of my life up until I started working at UC Riverside, and equine event photography is one way I can still be a part of the horse world. Rodeos are a part of that world, and I am drawn toward capturing what defines rodeo as a sport, a culture and a community. That said, wildlife photography comes in a close second, mainly because it involves finding pockets of wild spaces along the way.

What was your most difficult or challenging lesson/session in photography?

Light metering and I still haven't figured it out. I am always struggling with the balance between ISO, shutter speed and f-stop to get the look that I want in quickly changing situations such as rodeo or other sport events. My physicist father tried to explain to me how light, lenses, and optics worked when I was little, starting with an explanation of how light is made up of particles and waves, but the fundamental physics of photography remains magical to me.

Why did you choose the PRCA photography route to qualify for and how is that achieved?

I have been photographing rodeos for many years, either as a media photographer for a magazine or as a promotional photographer for the rodeo committees. I am hoping to move forward into shooting rodeos professionally, and that requires a credential through the PRCA. The credentialing process involves an initial application with a portfolio, which, if accepted, is followed by a permit year under the guidance and eventual evaluation of established PRCA photographers.

What equipment do you use? Any favorite lens for specific photography subjects?

My main camera equipment for photo shoots is Canon, including two full-frame bodies (5D III and 1D II), and three lenses that cover a focal range from 24mm to 400mm. My go-to lens for any event is the Canon 70-200mm f2.8. It is fast, sharp, versatile, and most important, forgiving. For a walk-about and travel camera, I use the mirrorless Sony A6000.

What recognitions you have received with your photography:

A set of my rodeo-themed photographs was part of a 2014 exhibit celebrating U.S. and Mexican shared culture entitled, “Pageantry: Roping, Riding, and Escaramuza,” at the Museum of Art and History, guest-curated by Robin Rosenthal, in Lancaster, CA. Over the last decade I have contributed photos for covers or to accompany articles in several publications, including Humps N’ Horns Magazine, Untacked, Churchill Downs Magazine, The Competitive Equestrian, The Barefoot Horse, Off-Track Thoroughbred Magazine, and the former Eq
uestre Magazine.


Rob Riingen Photography

Rob Riingen is a resident of Lakeside in East County of San Diego, California. Rob has an incredible talent to bring forth what his eye sees within the lens, the true essence of the person or event he is photographing. Rob is an engineer in his daily career path and also spends hours daily with camera in hand as he is always in high demand for his portraiture, sports photography, and for his coverage of community events.

Rob shares, "Those who know me, know that I am most passionate about my family. My drive to be the best husband and father I can be has also inspired me to seek all other passions in my life. Like many other photographers, my skills were honed from capturing images of the most important people in my life, my family. These pictures instantly became heirlooms, allowing us to relive the memories of our lives together, images that grow more and more priceless as time goes by. The next time you view an image from your past, be aware of the emotions that you feel, are you happy, are you sad? Regardless of the emotion, this is the close relationship a photograph can have with our emotions. It is for this simple experience of emotion that I am passionate about family photography, and why i wish to help capture these special moments in your life!

I would characterize my style as a throwback classic photographer, meaning I pay particular attention to lighting, composition, perspective and those eyes! Eyes are the "windows to our souls" and it is almost always a focal point in my portraits. I am not a big fan of off-the-shelf Photoshop filters that are all the rage these days. Don't get me wrong, these are awesome tools, but I think that a great photograph stands on its own and filters or effects can always be added later. A lot of effort is made to get a great image directly out of camera so very little needs to be done for proofing. Because of this, I can often deliver proofs to my clients within 3-5 days.

Rob Riingen Photography currently serves San Diego County, offering lifestyle portrait photography, specializing in families, teens, children, and team sports. Most photography sessions are on-location, meaning the studio comes to you. I can photograph at your home, in your neighborhood, at a local park, or at the beach. I use mostly off-camera strobes and reflectors to create images with deep color saturation and pop. I also have a state of the art photography studio located in Lakeside.

Have an idea of the look you’d like but don’t know where to find it? During your consultation session I will work with you to choose the ideal location for our photography session."

Rob is one of Lakeside Rodeo's most esteemed photographers as he works to capture the passion, the drive of the contestant and the crowd experience at the Rodeo. A supporter of the Youth of Lakeside as the photographer at the Annual ECSA/Lakeside Rodeo Free Breakfast With Santa, Rob spends hours capturing those special moments with Santa, donating his talent and time. Further, Rob is renown in the community for his services that he donates to community events overall and his photojournalist talents.


Bob Ryan Photography

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What did you do before photography as a career?

I’ve worked and continue to work as a Child Development Specialist for over 25 years. I currently teach children of Military families at MCAS Miramar Child Development Center. Prior to that, I worked at General Dynamics Electronics Division as a Materials Handler/Purchaser for 15 years.

How did you get started in photography?

I found my love for photography when I took Graphic Arts in High School (El Capitan, Class of ’78). Going to the darkroom and developing film, making Black & White and Color prints of what you just shot that day/week, put the photo bug in me. I wanted to learn more about the art of photography, so I went out and challenged myself. My first Canon camera was the (AE-1 Film camera) that I used in the 1980’s to photograph Baja Short course races at Brown Field, Chula Vista, CA and at Saddleback located in El Toro, CA.

What are some of your favorite genre to photograph and why?

Some of my favorite genres to photograph are landscapes, sporting events, Americana, and wildlife. Landscapes and wildlife because of being out in nature and the ever-changing scenery it has to offer. Sporting events because of the time and effort the participants put into the game and capturing that in the images. I like to shoot Americana, to try to show/document the history of our country.

What photo stands out foremost in your memory? Why?

The photo titled “Earthrise.” It is a photograph of the earth above the moon’s surface that was taken from lunar orbit by Astronaut William Anders on December 24, 1968 during the Apollo 8 mission. I remember seeing it in Life Magazine and thinking, “That would be so cool to take pictures of Earth from Space.” As I grew up, I realized that I can still do that from Earth itself, because there are so many cool places to photograph here on Earth. That’s where I came up with my motto of, “Bringing the World to you, one photograph at a time.”

What location or experience is on your bucket list to capture with your camera and lens?

I would love to experience and photograph the Aurora Borealis, also known as “Alaska’s Northern Lights” in Fairbanks, Alaska. My other bucket list wish is to go to Hawaii to experience and shoot active volcanoes and lava flows.

What equipment do you like to use and why?

For my photography I like to use Canon cameras and lenses. I’ve always been happy with the results I get from my Canon camera. Canon has always given me, quality, sharpness and reliability. My first Canon camera was the (AE-1 Film camera) which I still own. As digital cameras became the norm in photography, I bought the Canon T3i, and then upgraded to the Canon EOS 70D.I am currently shooting with the Canon EOS 7D Mark II. My go to lenses are the Canon EF Telephoto 400mm f/5.6L USM as well as the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM. I have both Canon Extenders, the EF 1.4x II and EF 2x II in my equipment bag.

How do you see the future of photography evolving?

Mirrorless cameras are making an impact on our industry, and SONY has come strong out of the gate. I’m not counting Canon or Nikon out, but I do think they have some catching up to do if they are to compete in the Mirrorless field of photography.

What attracts you to shooting at the Lakeside Rodeo?

Everyone is family! I love how my photography skills are challenged with the variety of events (usually 7) going on, and how you need to change your technique, to capture each of those events. When I’m shooting at the Lakeside Rodeo, I want to tell a story with my photography. I try to capture all aspects of the rodeo because everyone that attends, participates, sponsors and volunteers at the Lakeside Rodeo make it what it is, a true family affair!

Check Bob Ryan out on Facebook:

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